Collage Artist

Brandi Strickland


Brandi Strickland (b. 1985) is a collage and mixed media artist living in Floyd, Virginia. She grew up in North Carolina and received a BA in Art from Queens University of Charlotte in 2007. Working from her home studio, Brandi creates small, detailed works of art combining collage, painting, and drawing. She runs a shop and blog called Paper Whistle and is a member of the WAFA Collective. Besides art, she enjoys living out in the country, cooking, gardening, and researching. She loves mail.

For prints and products: Society6,  SaatchiGalleray, & Little Paper Planes.

  • Brandi Strickland is a 25 year-old mixed-media and collage artist based out of Richmond, Virginia. Strickland’s compositions range from simple and impactful to sweepingly ambitious and hyper-detailed. Even while manipulating found images, Strickland manages to create enveloping, otherworldly landscapes. The interplay between images is often ingenious, but Strickland’s work moves far beyond cleverness. Rather, her pieces are passionate, heartfelt, and revelatory.
    It's Nice That
  • The best, simply beautiful. Thank you.
    Kelly, Idaho
  • Strickland's collages are beautiful, colorful, and somewhat fantastical. I admire her use of color, and the fact that I can sense her enjoyment of her own work through each piece.
    Marion Glass
  • Awesome mixed media illustrations by Brandi Strickland.
  • This going to be a graduation present for a dear friend and i couldn’t be more pleased with it. Thank You!
    Vanessa, Canada
  • You name it, Brandi Strickland will make something out of it. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, this talented young lady uses paint, pencils, cameras, magazine clippings, and so many more materials than one could possibly name here. The best part is that it all comes together in a perfect harmony of colour, texture, emotion and individuality. Brandi’s work is layers upon layers of beautiful colors, cut-outs and textures.
    Antler Mag