Goodbye Raymond


Yesterday my beloved printer Raymond printed his last page (soaking wet, totally black) and then he shut off for good… out in a blaze of glory. He was with us for 3 years and made many, many fine prints.

His demise was sudden and unexpected, leaving us to make a quick decision about what to do next. For now we have decided not to invest in another printer, and so we’ve removed all prints from Paper Whistle. The shop will continue to sell original art, and prints may or may not return. If you would like to be updated about print availablity in the future, keep in touch by joining our newsletter (sign up at the bottom of any page), or follow us via RSS, facebook, or twitter. I should also mention that a last few prints are still available at Little Paper Planes, get ’em while you can.

For those of you who purchased prints from us over the last few years we cannot say thank you enough. Print sales have enabled me to continue making original art and have given me the pleasure of sharing my work at affordable prices to all who wanted them. It was very satisfying to receive and fill orders personally, sending prints of my work and little love notes all over the world.

Being in the printing business the last few years was an education, for sure. These fancy printers are expensive to obtain and maintain, and they are like pets, requiring attention every day. I am looking forward to having more time to make artwork and seeing how this change fits. I still believe that things happen for a reason, and I’m looking at this as a new start, a point of reinvention.

Long live Paper Whistle! & Rest in Peace, Raymond.

  • bliss

    i’m sorry for your loss. i can say, with authority, that it’s much better to lose a beloved printer in a sudden, shocking and absolute way – because watching one deteriorate but being unable to pull it’s plug is much, much worse. the uncertainty, will this print be any good? the disappointment when it’s not and the false hope when it is…


    i wish you many years of joy with your next.